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Your PeaCounts Accountant can help with everything, from PeaCounts setup to automated accounting and tax planning. Work directly with a PeaCounts Accountant with proven experience and great reviews serving your industry. Call or email a PeaCounts Accountant directly to set up an appointment and start the conversation.

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PeaCounts: Best Simple Bookkeeping Software

Our Features

Intelligent Accounting, so your business can be honest and smarter with you. We have only one goal: to help business owners understand the financial structure and make it fast, accurate, and simple to improve the performance and value of their business.

One stop for all accounting needs

From payroll and tax filing to managing expenses, PeaCounts helps small businesses.

Hassle-free accounting

Offering all the support services required to make your business a success.

Dedicated team of experts

A team of seasoned professionals at your service, around the clock, to deliver free advice.

Mobile App and CRM System

Download the PeaCounts app from the Play Store or App Store and simplify your accounting process.

Paperless process

Convert conventional paper documents into easy-to-manage digital forms and get easy access to data.

Personal workspace

A personal workspace for your business on your laptop or mobile phone to manage your financials anytime, anywhere.

Automated system

You need not chase down your accountants to manage your financials anymore. PeaCounts automated processes let you manage everything on your own.

Meeting and chat

Schedule one-on-one or conference meetings with ease. Stay in touch with your professionals as and when required.

Our Benefits

We provide an advanced, automated, and intelligent accounting process that improves the financial system of our clients.

PeaCounts makes it easier for you to access the information you need and understand what it means. From startups to small and medium-sized companies businesses now have an automated platform to configure, understand, and reinvent their financial structure and process.

Our web and mobile-based system makes it easier to stay on your time frame and run your business’s account in a more sophisticated way. We are making your business honest with you.

Exceptional Support

A team of skilled professionals are waiting to help you automate and simplify your accounting process.


Shashank Shukla has a great sense of innovation and creativity. As an MBA graduate, he possesses brilliant marketing and sales skills, and has a balanced ability to teach businesses how to grow and expand. In addition, he has a passion for singing!

Shashank Shukla




Crystal Stranger is an EA with a wealth of knowledge about accounting and is an expert in business consulting. She can explain to you where you are losing money and how you can earn it back. A former Hollywood actress, Crystal has the ability to turn any small business into a successful venture.

Crystal Stranger



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